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*Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice due to their dynamic nature.

general rules



Monthly reservations require a minimum deposit of 50% of the first month’s rate. An initial electrical deposit of $100.00 is required. Balances are due on arrival. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment. Acceptable forms of payment include check / money order / credit card. Credit card payments may incur a processing fee up to 3% of the total transaction.


Nightly and Weekly: Reservations less than 30 nights are non-refundable on or after arrival. Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to arrival to receive a full refund. A cancellation fee of $25 will be applied to any reservations that are cancelled 7 days or more prior to arrival. The cancellation fee will be applied to any deposit(s) already received, and the remaining amount will be refunded to the guest. Deposits will not be returned if a cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to the arrival date.

Monthly Reservations: Reservations greater than 30 nights are non-refundable on or after arrival. Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to arrival to receive a full refund. A cancellation fee of $200.00 will be applied to any reservations that are cancelled less than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival. The cancellation fee will be applied to any deposit(s) already received, and the remaining amount will be refunded to the guest. Deposits will not be returned if a cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the arrival date.


Early Arrivals: Please contact the main office for information on early arrivals. There may be a fee of $10.00 for early arrivals.

Late Arrivals: Guests arriving late must communicate with on-site staff to facilitate their arrival. If communication / arrangements have not been made within 24 hours after arrival, guests will not be refunded their deposit, and the reservation will be cancelled.

Arrivals: Please contact the main office for coordination on effective and timely check-in procedures. Reservations must be made by an individual 18 years of age or older. Check-in is required for all guests upon arrival. Remote check-in may be available for your convenience and after-hours arrivals.

Departures: Early departures will not receive a refund for any remaining reservation fees. Removal of a guest due to rule violations, or failure to comply with the terms written in the Site Service Agreement, will result in the forfeit of their site rental fee. Guests will not receive a prorated refund.


Visitors are welcome at the campground. Individuals not listed on the reservation or Site Service Agreement are considered visitors. Please visit the main office on arrival as a fee is required to proceed into the campground. Guests are allowed to have multiple visitors. The daily guest fee is $5.00 for the first two individuals. Visitors who will be staying for 30 days or more are required

to complete a background check prior to admission to the park. Monthly guests will incur an additional fee of $50 per month for any visitors staying 30 days or more. Extra children, over the limit of two individuals, are charged $25.00 per child per month. Extra pets, over the limit of two pets, are charged an extra $25.00 per pet per month. Occupants / guests are responsible for the behavior and actions of their visitors. The extra vehicles daily rate is $5.00. Monthly reservations are subject to pay an extra $25.00 per vehicle per month if their quantity surpasses two vehicles.



Staff will dispose of guest trash seven days a week. Please place bagged garbage at the end of your site between 8:00AM and 2:00PM. Otherwise, waste and garbage must be disposed of in designated dumpster areas. All items, not consisting of household items, must be taken to an off-site recycling center.


The campground’s quiet hours are between 10:00PM – 8:00AM. Please be courteous to neighboring guests and occupants. Refrain from loud noise / sounds including large group gatherings, music, televisions, and other disturbances during this period. If there is a disturbance, please notify the main office / on-site staff to rectify the situation.


To ensure safety, please abide by the posted speed limits on the campground’s property. Failure to follow the speed limit may result in immediate removal.


Pad sites can accommodate two vehicles and a trailer. Fees will apply to guests with more than two vehicles.


Golf carts are permitted on the property. Operators are subject to obey traffic laws and signage posted in the campground. Operators must be at least 16 years of age and possess a current state-issued valid driver’s license. Tires greater than eighteen inches in diameter are not permitted. Please operate responsibly.


It is recommended all operators of non-motorized vehicles wear a helmet. Operators must obey the rules set forth for motorized vehicles.


Guests are required to follow federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the ownership and possession of firearms. Guests must comply with all state laws involving the possession and concealed carry of firearms as outlined in Title XLVI Chapter 790. Please note that the open carry of firearms is prohibited within the property, as defined in Title XLVI Chapter 790.053. Any person found in violation of this statue will be asked to leave the property immediately and may be subject to penalties provided by 775.082 or 775.083 from local law enforcement. Please do

not carry any weapons, concealed or otherwise, in shared areas including the office, laundry facilities, restrooms, playgrounds, pool, clubhouse, or any other area not designated for your sole individual use.


Guests are not permitted to build or construct permanent structures / projects on their site, including but not limited to; porches, fences, gardens, and similar structures / projects. Non-permanent structures, including sheds, storage containers, and similar structures are also prohibited unless otherwise approved by park management in writing.

Guests are expected to always maintain a neat and tidy site. Accumulation of items outside of the RV should be limited. Items such as playgrounds, pools, Jacuzzis, trailers, boats, gym equipment, and equipment used for purposes of employment are prohibited from RV sites. If available, trailers, boats, and equipment used for employment may be stored in dedicated storage areas.

Additions of covered structures such as pop-up shade tents, gazebos, pergolas, or other areas intended to provide shade to an outdoor space must be approved by park management prior to installation. Items such as bicycles, children’s toys, and outdoor furniture should be arranged neatly and not encroach on neighboring sites. Guests are not permitted to encroach on neighboring sites with placement of plants, gardens, or outdoor décor. Potted plants are permitted on guest RV sites, but the planting of plants or trees is prohibited on sites.

Guests in violation of these rules will receive a notification from park management and will be provided adequate time to resolve the notice of violation. If a guest refuses to make the necessary changes, management may remove the guest(s) from the resort at their sole discretion.


This campground has adopted a zero-tolerance drug-abuse policy and prohibits any use of illegal / recreational drugs. Smoking is permitted on your site. Smoking is prohibited in all campground buildings and facilities. Alcohol is permitted in the campground. Please drink responsibility and safely.


Per site, a maximum of two pets are allowed at the campground. Guests with more than two pets are subject to a daily or monthly fee. To maintain a clean community, please dispose of all pet waste. Pets outside of RV’s / Trailers / Personal Fences / Dog Park(s) must be on a leash. Per the Pet Policy, management reserves the right to disallow / remove specific animals endangering / aggravating the safety of the community. Please review the provided Pet Policy.


Safety is a priority at our campgrounds. Resort staff will do their best to communicate emergency alerts, such as severe weather emergencies. Please contact the appropriate authorities for emergency services by calling 911, prior to contacting resort staff.


A late fee of $15.00 applies on the 5th day of initial payment due date. If payment is not received prior to the 10th day of the initial payment due date, an additional fee of $40.00 will be applied. Delinquent guests are subject to further action, up to and including removal from the resort.


At RVPM and Honest RV Parks, we strive to create a harmonious and welcoming environment for guests and their furry companions. To guarantee an enjoyable stay, we kindly ask you to adhere to the pet policy.

· Dog breeds with naturally aggressive and intimidating behavior are not permitted on the campground. If your dog exhibits hostile or unfriendly tendencies towards strangers, we kindly request this animal is not brought to our campground. If such behavior is observed, through the discretion of management, the owner of this animal may be asked to forfeit their reservation and depart the campground.

· Pet restrictions vary among our multiple campgrounds. If you have questions about your pet’s accommodation, we encourage guests to call in advance to ensure their animal(s) are allowed at specific unit(s).

· Registered service animals are welcome at all RVPM/Honest RV campgrounds. These animals are subject to the rules and regulations listed in this policy, unless otherwise stated or approved by management.

· A maximum of two dogs are allowed at each site / unit. Guests in violation of this limit are subject to removal from the campground. Guests with more than two pets are subject to pay a fee per additional animal.

· Documentation of vaccination(s) is required for all pets. Management may request copies of vaccination records prior to arrival.

· Pet owners are responsible for the supervision of their pets. Dogs are not allowed to roam freely, except in designated off-leash areas. Leashes are to be no longer than six feet in length.

· Non-registered service animals are not permitted in common-area or pool facilities. Registered service animals must wear visible tags to enter these areas with their owner.

· Disruptive and excessive barking is non-excusable. Persistent barking causing a nuisance to guests may result in removal of the pet(s).

· Pet owners are solely responsible for the disposal of pet waste. Designated bins are located throughout the campgrounds. Owners exhibiting repetitive ignorance to the waste policies are subject to receive a fine. Continued negligence may result in removal from the campground.

· Pet owners are responsible for injuries, disturbances, and damage created by pets affecting guests, staff, or visitors.

· Management, staff, and ownership are not responsible for the safety of your pet(s), or for loss, damage, or injury caused to or by your pet(s).

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a pet-friendly environment for all guests at our campgrounds. Please direct questions and concerns to the on-site management team.